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Evaluation of Equilibria (E-Colors Process)
E-Colors’ recognizes that effective communications has to be up, down, & sideways within a team. E-Colors’ provides insight on communication essentials necessary to create an atmosphere that is conducive to productivity in all facets of industry operations. E-Colors’ is all about effective two way communications between one another, both verbally as well as behaviorally, with the ultimate goal of “understanding & treating people how they need to be treated” & thus maintain a wholesome & productive morale within the work place. E-Colors’ is also a good process to use in the home & family environment. The following expands on how I believe Equilibria & the E-Colors’ process helps those that choose to use it.
  • E-Colors’ focus is to provide instruction & guidance to develop & enhance the Leadership potential within ourselves & all those around us. It strives to send the message that all have Leadership abilities & qualities & that communication is the key that unlocks the door to obtaining & sustaining success in all that we do. (If we can understand our strengths & weaknesses, then we can manage them)
  • E-Colors’ enhances communications by first understanding each others personalities in order to understand what form of communication works best with each person rather than just using only your form of communication.
  • The E-Colors’ process is a good compliment to other Behavior Based Safety or Operational processes as it is very beneficial in dealing with communication styles & communication barriers that are sometimes detrimental to success. As we all know, a break down in communication is often times the general reason that a job/task/process meets with failure. (Effective communication means we speak, we listen, we comment, we understand, we succeed!!)
  • Success means different things to different people. One of my definitions would be continual improvement in all tasks or activities that we undertake. Use of E-Colors’ processes & tools provides a good foundation for planning, execution, & debrief of all jobs or activities in order to achieve results & improve efficiency.
  • I have worked with many of the Equilibria personnel & find them to be very “people orientated”. They are very motivated, excellent motivators, & are always trying to come up with ideas on how to “raise the bar” or “up their game” when it comes to developing Leaders through enhanced communications. All of them are very passionate at developing people & have excellent Leadership qualities. They do a good job of inspiring others.
  • The E-Colors’ process helps a person identify with himself as well as others by training you to consider some basic questions when you start a job or activity:

    1) How can I get hurt?
    2) What are some hazards that you see that I don’t see?
    3) How can I disrupt teamwork?
    4) What makes it difficult for me to stop a job if I don’t understand what’s going on or see a potential hazard?
    5) How does each of us define success?
    6) How do I need to manage my colors to deliver success?
    7) Are there self-imposed pressures that I will need to mange to be successful?
  • The E-Colors’ process helps to understand how diversity of thought & culture can be a positive force in the work place as well as at home.
  • Lead by Example: E-Colors’ places an emphasis on a behavior where words/deeds/behaviors when compared with one another are one & the same.
  • Coaching/Mentoring: The E-Colors’ process provides tools & processes necessary to coach & mentor people to improve their Leadership skills & behaviors.
  • E-Color Coaches are familiar with the stresses & pressures of our industry & understand that people within our industry are exposed to various on the job pressures. They work to help people understand how to manage or overcome these pressures as it is understand that pressures will always exist & managing these pressures is the key to individual & team success.
To conclude, I have worked with Equilibria for the past four years & have had the privilege to be part of four of the Clear Leader Advantage Workshops that Equilibria has contributed so much to. In three of these sessions, I have facilitated or presented modules. I believe that my skills & the skills of others as an effective communicator have improved. I have noticed a distinct change when it comes to communicating & understanding how to effectively communicate can be a positive impact on our daily job activities. I believe good communication equals good results & poor communications often times leads to inefficient operations or poor results. I have also taken part in other processes that focused more on job processes & equipment. These had some positive effect but were not as focused on people. People are the drivers of processes & equipment & should be the first point of focus in all activities. E-Colors’ is a process that is all about putting people first. E-Colors’ recognizes the importance of communication & understanding each others communication instincts & how to manage them for success whether at work or at home. I believe that use of the E-Colors’ process has had a positive & lasting impact with regards to our success within the Chevron Deepwater Group & look forward to a continued relationship with the Equilibria Team.
Larry Punchard
Drill Site Manager
Chevron Deepwater Drilling & Completions
Discoverer Inspiration/Jack-St. Malo Project

Testimonials from the Equilibria Secondee Programme
As a Chevron Drilling Engineer I was seconded to Equilibria for six months starting in 2009. The six months were a great opportunity and provided a tremendous amount learning experiences that will benefit me for my entire career. The Equilibria team has a great amount of expertise, passion, integrity and work-ethic that allows them to handle any challenging situation or environment. During my six months I received a great amount of personal coaching that has allowed me to develop my leadership skills to influence effective communication, build trust and focus on team development within my workforce. The coaching that I received was in a variety of Chevron locations around the world, for instance Angola, Africa and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. These international experiences provided the opportunity to observe different cultural perspectives with relation to leadership skills and understand the operational barriers that exist within our different locations.

As a secondee, I was also able to learn and understand their tools such as, E-Colors which have allowed me to better understand different personalities to increase motivation and communication as well as effectively mitigate risk. These tools that Equilbria offers have been a great success within the Chevron Drilling and Completions organization and have helped generate efficient, reliable and safe operations that exist today.

My Equilibria experience has impacted me a great deal and I feel that Equilibria can help any individual or organization feel the benefits that I have felt.
Jeff Wood

Drilling Engineer
Chevron Drilling & Completions


On October 5th of 2009, another chapter in my life long journey of realizing my full potential initiated. On this day I received the expectations that Chevron Global Drilling and Completion and Equilibria had of me as a Chevron Employee Seconded to Equilibria. Once ordained into the Chevron Equilibria Partnership, I was introduced to the E-Passport. In this passport lie the expectations for each Equilibria Employee and coincidentally the structure of my testimony:

Equilibria Expectations
1. Look after yourself.
2. Look after your family.
3. Look after your co-workers.
4. Look after the clients.
In this testimonial I will describe the effects that equilibria has had on me, my family, my co-workers and present and future business partners.

What Equilibria has done for me as an individual is increased my awareness and focus in regards to the strengths and potential limiters that could either help me or adversely affect me when it comes to effective clear communication. Before I became a part of the Equilibria community I was well aware of many of the strengths that I had that enabled me to successfully communicate with others, but I was not equally familiar with my potential limiters that could hinder fluent communication. Once I learned the strengths and potential limiters of an individual with my color combination, I immediately began to focus on improving my strengths and limiters equally. This not only allowed me to communicate clearly, but it also peaked my interest of strengths and potential limiters of other individuals with different E-Color combinations in regards to communication. Once armed with the knowledge of my personality and the strengths and potential limiters of the personalities of the individuals that I am attempting to communicate with, I literally feel as though flawless communication is possible in many situations where both parties have access to this enlightening information, and are willing to take advantage of it.

I saw so much benefit and advantage in learning the knowledge that I’ve learned as a Secondee to Equilibria that I shared this information with my girlfriend and family. Once my girlfriend was empowered with the knowledge of her E-Colors combination and the strengths and potential limiters my E-Colors combination, she began to understand why we each have our own ways of approaching certain task and initializing certain conversations. Overall, this knowledge brought us much closer together. In respect to my family, once I found out the color combinations of my mother and father, I was overcome with a feeling of elation. After 27 years, I finally understood totally why it was so easy for me to communicate with my mother, and so hard to communicate effectively with my father. This information also partially proved why my parents have been able to enjoy 36 years of marriage. The results after they both took the test, showed that every portion of the Equilibria Brain illustration was represented when you put them together.

Another representation of every portion of the Equilibria Brain illustration is represented by the combination of the personalities of all of the individuals that come together to form Equilibria, Chevron, and all business partners. Empowering a majority of the D&C culture around the world with the knowledge of their E- Colors has already shown to pay great dividends with each company’s most important asset, People. The place within Chevron where this is most evident is in Africa. While on the site of the Sedco Energy, a DP Floater Rig in the Gulf Guinea, I witnessed an atmosphere where employees completed pre- job safety meetings that covered not only the tangible hazards, which were covered by reviewing a Transocean THINK Plan and the Chevron Hazard Wheel, but also the intangible hazard, which were covered by the knowledge of each E-Color combination of each employee involved in the work, and how their specific color combination could cause them to get injured while working. Creating this type of atmosphere is definitely in line with the two high priority Chevron initiatives found below:

1. Zero incidents, injuries, and fatalities are attainable.
2. Chevron would like to be the Global Energy most known for their People, Partnerships, and Performance.

In closing, I’d like to leave you with my answer, as a Chevron Employee, to the question, “Why do I work with Equilibria?” I feel as though it’s fitting to end with this answer, because this response is located within my personal E-Passport, the same passport that I used to structure my testimonial.

“I work with Equilibria because I truly believe in Chevron’s People, Partnership, and Performance initiative. The facts are that people are our most important investment. Without people, we, as Chevron Corporation, can’t form long lasting partnerships, and lack of legitimate partnerships will inherently decrease our performance. Therefore, taking the time to understand the way an individual thinks and processes information, will only add value to our 3 P operation. Equilibria also ties in perfectly with Chevron’s TIF (Think Incident Free) process. By helping employees communicate more efficiently with each other, we will increase safety awareness and decrease potential for injuries and fatalities.”
Jonathan C.M. Barber
Well Site Manager
Mid Continent / Alaska Business Unit
Global HES, Chevron

I have had the pleasure of being on the Chevron-Equilibria Secondee Program from October 2009 to February 2010. It was a life changing experience during which I got to discover more about Chevron, E-Colors, people and myself.

During this journey, I learned more about the different E-Colors combinations, their corresponding strengths and potential limiters. I learned new tools to coach around Effective Communication, Applied Leadership, Risk Awareness and Mitigation and Team Building. I learned and experienced the value of applying E-Colors in JSAs and SWAs. I learned how people can get hurt relative to their E-Colors, how they can disrupt teamwork and why it is not natural for them to follow safe work procedures and use SWA.
More important, I have had the pleasure and privilege to be the first individual to use "Personal Intervention" and the "Black Book" practice where I record SWAs that I exercise on myself. That has helped me quite substantially to develop the new habit of responding rather than reacting, to become a more disciplined and effective listener. I am aware that with that privilege comes a huge responsibility.

Also, I had a once in a lifetime opportunity to travel to several countries around the world where Chevron operates, of which Nigeria, Brazil, Australia, Kazakhstan, Thailand, Canada and the US where I was able to work with different Equilibria coaches, get exposed to new operations and cultures, meet and work with new people and leaders, learn from them and increase my Sphere of Influence by sharing with them more about E-Colors and Lessons Learned that I acquired from different locations. This experience helped me see the big picture and see how we are implementing globally our Clear Leader vision.

Now as I move forward in my career, I am going to be forever grateful to the people that trusted in me and my leadership abilities, the ones that recommended me to be on that program, the coaches and leaders that coached me along the way and shared with me a lot of their knowledge.

To Global D&C, Lewis, Laura and all the Equilibria family, thank you. Thank you for doing what you say you are going to do. Never stop realizing potential!
Eli Barakat
D&C Performance & OE Engineer
Chevron Canada Resources



Just two years ago I had the opportunity to be in on something truly great. I Never did I think that after attending a small session of Equilibria it would change my life, tremendously.

Taking the Equilibria E-Colors Personality Diversity Indicator and attending the many teaching sessions in different places, has helped me learn so much about myself and other people.

Equilibria helped me get outside of the comfort zone I was used to, and helped me communicate more with my teachers and administrators.


I believe knowledge is power and is the key to becoming just what I want in life. Equilibria brought to my attention, that if I did not speak up in class and ask for help or participate in on going discussions, that I was only hurting myself.

Equilibria gave me such a better understanding of who people really are. By knowing their personality E-Colors, I not only know their likes and dislikes, but also their strengths and potential limiters.

I used to be so shy and afraid to speak up in class and talk to my teachers, but it changed after I attended the Equilibria session at my high school. I have been blessed with being apart of Equilibria because it, to me, has been life changing. I am a better person because I really do now understand myself.

I’m so proud to say that because of Equilibria, I am a better student and such a better person.

Holly Higgins
Sweeney High School Bulldogs 2010
Sweeney High School
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