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Introduction to the E-Colors

The E-Colors process helps to identify different personality styles which enables people to better understand themselves and those around them.

Knowledge of E-Colors leads to a heightened awareness that we do not all think and act the same and that we all have different communication styles and behavioral tendencies which are often largely linked to our personality.

Throughout the ages, it has become apparent that there are four main personality styles:

From the Chinese study
of Earth, Wind, Fire &
Water circa 2000BC
To the ancient Greek Philosophers such as Hippocrates and Aristotle who believed in the 4 fluids To modern day psychologists such as Carl Jung, and the research conducted by Myers-Briggs, who claim there are 4
main personality
And supported by
modern day Scientific Research that proves
the ancient theories
to be relevant
Equilibria have developed their
E-Colors coaching methodology

E-Colors Overview:

 We all have all four E-Colors within us. No E-Color combination is better than any other.
 Most people tend to have primary and secondary predominant E-Colors.
 Utilizing this model there are 12 different E-Color combinations.
 A person's E-Color combination tends to influence his or her communication style and behavioral tendencies.
 There are numerous benefits that can be gained by having an awareness of this, from improved
   to enhanced performance and teamwork to better risk management and mitigation.
 Appreciating the value of all E-Color perspectives gives us an opportunity to benefit from the DIVERSITY OF

Here are some of the most noticeable traits of the different E-Colors:
Human Brain
Left Hemisphere
Does and Thinks
Right Hemisphere
Socializes and Relates
Sequential Analysis, Logic, Language,
Mathematics, Rationale, Logic Based.
Visual, Spatial Skills, Emotional, Holistic Functioning "seeing the bigger picture".
Looks at Parts, Objective,
Independent, Non - Emotional.
Auditory and Visual Memory, Random, Intuitive, Subjective, Interdependent.

Personality Diversity Indicator (PDI)

The PDI is designed to help adults learn about their behaviors in order to improve communication skills, build better relationships and work more efficiently. 

If English is not your native language please select one from the list below. Other versions of the Adult PDI are available. Please contact our Support Department for more information.

中文 Indonesia English Norsk
Português Español ภาษาไทย Tiếng Việt Russian

JUNIOR version

The Junior PDI (JPDI) is designed to help children between the ages of 8 to 12 years old understand how their behaviors impact on their school work as well as other aspects of lives. At present the JPDI is only available in English and Spanish. Watch this space for other versions.

It is a good idea to make sure a teacher or parent is nearby in case you need some help with this.

English Español

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