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Companies live or die by what their employees say to their clients or what transpires in the board room or how the sales team performs or how their operations team deliver. In this day and age team performance in the corporate environment is of paramount importance to market leading companies, it’s what sets them apart.
Equilibria’s coaching techniques which include use of the E-Colors process and other mental models such as The 7 Essentials of High Performance Team, The Communication Triangle and the Shifter Model can help corporate teams realize their full potential in the following areas:

At Board Level – by each of the board members having a better understanding of themselves, their fellow board members and their senior executives in terms of their strengths and potential limiters will allow them to better set strategy and conduct SWOT analysis with a better understanding of the people they have holding the reigns of the company.

Sales Teams – the traditional perception of who a salesperson is and how a salesperson should act is antiquated and irrelevant in this day and age. Traditional studies of selling and the selling cycle failed to take into consideration the different communication styles of the different personality types and tended to promote a one style fits all. Through the E-Colors, we can help salespeople understand themselves, their team and their prospects better and heighten an awareness that different people have different communication preferences and purchasing behaviors which will allow them to manage the sales process more effectively and ultimately improve sales.

Marketing Teams – Again by creating awareness of the different communication styles of different E-Color combinations, Equilibria are able to help marketers understand the communication needs of the various personality types and tailor marketing messages to appeal to all of the target audience, not just some.

Operations Teams – Often the engine of the company, the operations department is where teamwork and precision is most important. Applied leadership and effective communication are vital to any team in this part of the business.

Customer Service Teams – Great communication is the key to great customer service. Customers can be turned away if the communication is too long or too short or too abrupt. Looking at communication styles through the E-Colors process will improve awareness of the different communication styles and personality tendencies and allow teams to improve their service levels.

Account Management – Building long lasting relationships with clients is key to business. Quite often these relationships come to an abrupt end not due to product or service quality but due to a personality clash with the people involved. Understanding why people are who they are and why they do what they do will help account management professionals understand their client needs better and improve client relations.

Leadership – Equilibria have developed many coaching techniques that have been proven to facilitate better leadership at
all levels.
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