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Health, Safety, Reliability & Efficiency continue to be some of the most important areas of focus for Equilibria.

From the Construction Industry to Maritime, Pharmaceutical and beyond, gaining an understanding and creating an awareness of how people can get hurt in relation to their personalities (represented by their E-Colors) is an essential part of any Behavioral Based Safety program.

Here are some of the benefits of incorporating Equilibria’s coaching processes into your safety system:

Using E-Colors to establish a sustainable a safety culture that crosses racial, cultural and hierarchical boundaries.

Gaining a better understanding of the impact that human behaviour has on safety.

Creating an awareness of how people can get hurt in relation to their personalities (E-Colors) and putting in preventative measures to avoid injury and incident.

Asking the question “How could I / you get hurt?” during Job Safety Analysis, Risk Assessments, Toolbox Talks and any other company specific planning processes.

Improving communication before, during and after each job.

Understanding what prevents different personalities (E-Colors) from exercising Stop Work Authority / Stop the Job / Time Out For Safety / Safety Intervention and then putting in measures to enable team members to overcome any personal apprehensions they might have.

Focusing people on the concept of Personal Intervention so that they are able to recognize and differentiate between reacting and responding with the understanding that it is often the “personality driven” knee-jerk reaction that has negative outcomes and the “self-intervened” measured response that has positive outcomes

Developing a Safety Observation, Feedback & Tracking system that incorporates the human behavioral side of safety (see iCU).
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