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Equilibria was born from the Oil & Gas industry, an industry that strives for safety, reliability and efficiency whilst operating in some of the most harsh environments on earth and an industry that has for decades been at the forefront of developing and implementing best of breed business practices out of necessity. Many see Equilibria’s coaching services as exactly that.....a best of breed business practice.
Equilibria’s coaches work with high performance teams from the leading Oil Producing, Drilling Contracter and Service Provider companies throughout the world both offshore and onshore.

Here are just some of the areas that we focus our coaching on:

Achieving Safety, Reliability and Efficiency through effective planning, flawless execution and debrief.

Effective use of JSA, JRA or company specific planning processes. Coached at the worksite – "where the rubber meets the road".

Coaching supervisors and teams on how to get the best from their Behavioral Based Safety program (BBS).

Integrating E-Colors into core processes to achieve optimum results.

Improved Safety Culture through elevating awareness around personal and team appreciation of how injuries and incidents occur relative to our personalities (E-Colors) and consequently how they can be prevented.

Recognizing when normalization of deviance is occurring.

Effective communication across all teams both onshore and offshore.

Appropriate risk review and mitigation.

Applied leadership at all levels.

Embracing the power of the diversity of thought and opinion.
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