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 E-Colors in Action Online
Equilibria is pleased to offer online access to our E-Colors In Action coaching materials. You will find our most advanced multimedia content will play smoothly on all web browsers over Internet connections of at least 256Kbs.

This package includes the following modules:

- E-Colors Introduction - Effective Communications - Improved Teamwork
- Impact on Safety - Personal Intervention - Enhanced Leadership

Equilibria have also included our Family Environment and Educational Excellence modules *free* of charge. Click here to access the Family Environment materials and click here for the Educational Excellence.

Our price of $8.00 SGD (approximately $6.50 USD) entitles you to 10 "clicks". Each module requires one click so a total of six clicks is needed to watch all the modules. We have bundled 10 clicks to allow each module to be played at least once. Clicks do not expire so you may access the site at your convenience.

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