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What is iCU?

iCU is a Safety, Observation, Feedback & Tracking system that uses cutting edge scanning and database technologies to solve the challenges with collecting, managing and reporting on observation data. At the heart of iCU are the E-Colors. By integrating the E-Colors into the iCU process people are better equipped to stop unsafe work and engage in more effective safety conversations Please watch this 3 minute introduction video to learn more.

“Two Card” System

The People Card lists aspects of human behavior that users should be aware of and look out for when making Behavioral Based Safety observations. It increases awareness of how a person could get hurt in relation to their own personality tendencies and leads people to the right behaviors.

The Equipment Card serves as a critical checklist to help users observe equipment more effectively. It can be customized to suit various environments and worksites such as rig, vessel , yard, plant or office.

Both cards have sections that lead the users to having the right types of safety conversations and sections that incorporate key management initiatives, action items and lessons learned. Additional card types can be customized and used with the system, for example, a Continuous Improvement Card.
Automated Scanning

Completed iCU cards are fed through the scanner / scanning module and the data is automatically uploaded into a database. This reduces data entry times by up to 95% and enables the Safety Professional to spend more time making observations rather than performing data entry activities.

The scanning module has an intuitive / easy to use interface. There are less data entry errors than manual data entry and the system has the ability to scan multi-language cards. It also facilitates immediate access to the data.


Tracking & Reporting System (Networked)
Tracking & Reporting

Once the data has been scanned and uploaded to the Web Reporting Module, users can access the data and generate management reports at the click of a button.

Key benefits:
Speed of access to data / reports available immediately Analyze Safe vs Unsafe trends Observe trends by installation, department, E-Color, card type Track Open and Closed items Ability to network multiple locations Ability to access the data immediately from head office Ability to export the data into other reporting systems
Customizable & Incorporates Behavioral Based Safety

Two very unique features of iCU are that our clients are able to customize
both the Equipment & People Cards to incorporate items specific to their own environment or to include specific management initiatives that they are looking
to achieve and that iCU incorporates Behavioral Based Safety through the


How does iCU work?

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