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Using a combination of coaching tools including the E-Colors and mental models such as The Seven Essentials of High Performance Teams, The Communication Triangle and Personal Intervention, our coaches are able to help individuals and teams realize their potential through improvements in the following areas:

Effective Communication:

Enhancing our ability to interact with others, maximizing efficiency and effectiveness from a foundation of understanding that reduces friction and conflict.

Applied Leadership at all levels:

Developing the skill set of new and experienced leaders through the appreciation and applied knowledge of different personality styles.

Personal & Team Development:

Creating the opportunity for individuals and teams to realize their potential by understanding and utilizing cutting edge coaching tools to optimize performance. Raising awareness of the needs and communication styles of different team members.

Risk Management & Mitigation:

Understanding of how people can get hurt related to their personality style enabling us to put effective control measures in place. Understanding how our strengths and potential limiters can put us in harm’s way if we do not manage them properly.
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