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Course 1 Content :
IADC & IWCF Certified Well Control Training for Drilling
Day One: Introduction and Registration

An important component of Day 1 is the Pre-Test. This gives the participants an idea of the areas that need improvement and the areas they should feel comfortable. The results will also enable the coach to make the most of the available time by providing individuals the specific guidance they require.

Case Study: This group session gives the students the opportunity to review a well control incident to improve their understanding, share know-how and learn from the experience of others.

Day Two: Classroom & Simulator

Review Kill Sheet #1
Presentation on Free Gas Expansion
Volumetric Exercise on the Simulator
Back to the Basics with a Review of Kicks, Warning Signs, Positive Indicators
Gas Kicks in OBM

Self Study: Sections C & D of Course Workbook.
Day Three: Simulator

Well Control Methods Session
Practical Assessments
Choke Line Friction Loss Presentation
Riser Margin Presentation
Formation Characteristics Presentation

Self Study: Sections B, E & F

Day Four: Classroom & Simulator

Gauge Problem Presentation
Practical Assessments
Choke Line Friction Loss Presentation
Review of Pertinent Equipment Issues & Exercises
Student Lead Revision

Self Study: Sections G & H

Day Five: Pre-Exam Briefing /
Written Exam

Exams are administrated by a representative of IWCF
or IADC as applicable

Course 2 Content :
IADC Introduction to Well Control (English & Indonesian Bahasa)
Day One:

Basic Maths.
Hole and tubular capacities.
Volume required when pulling tubular Wet & Dry.
Type of pressures;
  Hydrostatic Pressure
  Bottom Hole Pressure
  Bottom Hole Circulating Pressure
  Annular pressure loss
  Surface pressures

Day Two:

Cause of a kick.
Warning signs & positive indicators of a kick.
Flow Check procedure while tripping & drilling.
Correct Shut-In procedure.
Leak Off - & Formation Integrity Test.
Day Three:

Maximum Allowable Mud Weight.
Well Control related equipment.
BOP Configuration & Basic Functions.
Auxiliary well control equipment.
A perfect Kill Sheet.

Day Four:

Shut In Drill Pipe Pressure & Shut In Casing Pressure.
Kill Mud Weight.
Intro to Driller’s and Wait & Weight methods.
Boyle’s Law & Gas Expansion.
Consequences of Gas Migration.

Day Five:

Quiz & Discussions

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