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Pictured Above – Founding partners of Equilibria  

Paul John Grant
Co-CEO and Managing Director

Paul currently serves as the Co-CEO of Equilibria with his primary focus being the day to day administration, finance and strategic functions within the Company, and describes himself as a results orientated highly motivated individual enjoying the challenges of being part of a successful growing Company and “getting the right results the right way”.

Paul graduated from Heriot Watt University (Edinburgh) in 1990 with a 1st class Honor Degree in Civil Engineering, after which he joined the BP Exploration Graduate Drilling Engineering Training Programme. Following a 2 year period at BP working offshore UK, land drilling UK and Yemen, he joined Schlumberger’s Drilling Group Sedco Forex, later to be merged with Transocean, where he spent a total of 12 years in various engineering and management positions, including Drilling Engineer, Rig Manager, Country Manager, General Manager, Marketing Manager, Director Compensation & Benefits, Human Resources Manager and Vice President Human Resources. He has also participated in more than 20 professional training courses ranging from presentation skills to drilling optimization to contracts negotiations. Over the past 5 years he has been involved in the start up and running of several new business ventures which include a Coaching Company (Equilibria Coaching), Well Control venture (Equilibria Well Control), Payroll & Contracting venture (CPD Payroll & Contracting), Human Resources Consultancy (CPD International) and Contract Negotiation services (CPD International).
Lewis Michael Senior
Co-CEO and Executive Coach

Lewis is Co-CEO of Equilibria and an Executive Coach. His primary focus is on people and the coaching side of the business and he is the driving force behind developing coaches, coaching programmes and establishing and developing client relationships.

As a co-founder of the company, he wanted to be part of an organization that lived their declared values and vision. Because strong ethics are an intricate part of who he is as a person, it was important to him to feel that Equilibria adhered to it’s ethics and principles, and gave people an opportunity to realize their potential.

Lewis worked offshore from the mid-70’s to the early 90’s during which he spent 10 years working as an OIM (Offshore Installation Manager). The management of the major worldwide drilling company he worked for recognized his passion for people’s safety and well being as well as his ability to empower and influence, for this he was asked to become the Health Safety and Environment Worldwide Manager. During his tenure as HSE Manager, the company grew from 1,400 to 18,000 employees and a sound safety culture grew with it. He spent the last two years of his previous working life directly working within the Oil and Gas Industry, coaching managers at an executive level internationally until 2004, when it was time to experience a new adventure – the founding of Equilibria.

Lewis went to Grammar school in Yorkshire, England, and then studied Business Management in Leeds and London. He has been married for over 30 years and his family are one of his two passions, the other being Equilibria.

Cort Dial
Executive Coach and Business Development Manager

Cortney (Cort) M. Dial is an Executive Coach and Business Development Manager. He lives Austin, Texas, USA with his high school sweetheart and wife Julie (of 30 years), their son Charlie, and their daughter Katy Reynolds and her husband Trent.

Cort is passionate about the health, safety and well being of the men and women who build, operate, and maintain the world, and this passion is evident in his coaching and consultation. He has coached clients worldwide in virtually every industry for nearly fifteen years, helping them produce performance previously believed to be impossible.

Cort is committed to producing the results the client wants. He has served as the account executive for multi-million dollar client accounts involving the management and coordination of dozens of consulting engagements and coaches all over the globe. Cort’s dedication to the client, his commitment to quality service, and his extensive industry experience have equipped him to elegantly lead coaching engagements on global, billion dollar projects of extreme complexity and risk.

Prior to becoming a coach, Cort worked for Monsanto Company, holding quality, health and safety technical and managerial positions in operating facilities throughout the United States. Cort also served several years on Monsanto’s corporate staff as an internal consultant specializing in organization, leadership and team development, climate and performance assessment, behavior management, and culture building. Cort also served as the Global Manager of Health and Safety for U.S. Borax where he was instrumental in establishing a people-based safety culture as a foundation that produced the best performance in the company’s 130–year history.

Cort holds a B.S. degree in Safety Engineering from Oklahoma State University, USA and is a 30-year member of the American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE). Cort is a published writer on the subjects of safety management, leadership and culture development. He has been a regular speaker at ASSE conferences and other health, quality and safety conferences throughout North America.
Laura Senior Garcia
Product Development Manager

Laura currently serves as the Product Development Manager and as a Coach with Equilibria. The focus in her management role is ensuring Equilibria products and materials reflect the high standard of the Equilibria company as well as being in a constant evolution process. As a Coach she is passionate about supporting people in their journey towards Realizing Potential and living the Equilibria Core Value of People First.

Laura finished her A Levels in Business Studies and Sociology through the International Cambridge board and felt the urge to venture out in the business world. Since then, she has been on a continuous learning journey, acquiring a vast amount of experience over a five year period on key skills for an effective coach and member of the Equilibria Executive Management Team from facilitation of different type of seminars / sessions, individual coaching, engaging presentation to driving development. Since finishing her main education she has completed coaching courses as well as getting a technical diploma in risk prevention at work.

At an early age, Laura always put herself in a position of learning. An avid reader and motivated seeker of what will make a difference to the people with whom she comes into contact, she is always looking for what is next in her education that will benefit others.

Growth and new areas of expansion are a high area of interest for Laura and in the past few years she has been involved in a variety of projects outside the business world including education and sport.
Dean Warren Masters
Business Administration Manager

Dean is the Business Administration Manager for Equilibria. He is responsible for the strategic business development of the company through partnerships with corporations and individuals. He is also involved in company administration matters.

Dean works for Equilibria because he truly believes in the company’s business and vision of “Realizing Potential”. He finds Equilibria to be a dynamic and exciting business with the added value and satisfaction gained from helping the people we interact with to realize their own potential.

Prior to joining Equilibria, Dean was the Managing Director/Executive Director for Horizon Mobile Communications (HMC), a satellite communications company. He co-founded HMC in 1999, and helped steer/build the business until the company was sold to SatCom Group Holdings Plc in 2005. During the 80’s and 90’s he worked throughout the oil & gas exploration industry in a variety of roles ranging from land/offshore surveying to land/marine seismic, navigation, diving, and operations management. After leaving high school in New Zealand, he studied Electronics and Business Management in Singapore. He has lived and worked throughout SE Asia for the past 23 years and speaks conversational Thai, Indonesian and some Mandarin. His personality can be described as creative, optimistic, enthusiastic, and with holistic thinking.
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