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Our Story

Founded in 2004 by four individuals from the oil and gas industry, Equilibria has since grown to become a global organization, with close to 80 coaches across six continents.

We have more than two decade of experience helping others embrace and leverage diversity of thought, and harnessing that diversity to elevate personal, professional and organizational performance.

ers embrace and leverage diversity of thought, and harnessing that diversity to elevate personal, professional and organizational performance.

We coach organizations and individuals, helping them understand and apply our proprietary Personality Diversity Indicator (PDI) to reduce errors, minimize risks and enhance overall human performance.

By applying the PDI through our core coaching tools – the E-Colors and Personal Intervention – communication, leadership, teamwork and safety will be enhanced. Individuals will be empowered to become less reactive and more responsive, and to live and lead with conscious intent.

Our core value is people first and we are passionate about helping individuals, teams and organizations realize their full potential.

Some of our milestones include:


We asked ourselves what form of recognition and reward works for different individuals. We discovered that the vastly varying answers depended on each person’s individual E-Color combination.


We discovered the remarkable predictability of how people could get hurt based on their personality tendencies, expressed through their E-Colors. We also found a direct link between personality and the factors that make it difficult for individuals to stop a job or interrupt an unsafe act.


We discovered the potential in understanding how our personality, expressed through our E-Colors, dictates our reactions. It also became clear that our character dictates our responses. Personal Intervention, a tool to apply this knowledge was born.


We explored more ways to empower others through the Personal Intervention tool. We created the Pause and Play button concept on reactions to prevent incidents, injuries, hurt feelings and arguments.


We collaborated with Fisher Improvement Technologies (FIT) to develop the next logical step in human performance. Combining FIT’s science of human performance with Equilibria’s individualized approach to Personality Diversity, we created a proprietary technology to help organizations reduce errors and increase performance. For more information please follow this link.


In partnership with the Houston Super Bowl Host Committee, Equilibria introduced our core products to the 10,000 Super Bowl LI volunteers. To learn more about the success of this event please see this link.


In 2018 Equilibria launched a sister company dedicated to helping athletes and coaches realize their potential. For more information please follow this link.


To help improve the delivery of medical services, Equilibria in Health E-Color was born.  To learn more, please click this link.


Last year the PDI was redeveloped to offer three types of reports: Free, Basic and Premium. Discover your E-Colors here.


Equilibria launches an official E-Colors certification process.  Follow this link to Get Certified!   If you qualify to become an E-Colors Certified Practitioner™ the first 10 reports are on us!


Equilibria revamped the delivery of our online, and in-person coaching processes to expand our presence across a wider range of industries. Explore this link to discover the business sectors we proudly serve.  


Equilibria launches our Affiliate Network.  Follow this link to learn more and sign-up!  


Equilibria releases our E-Colors Alignment Reports that can be used by anyone to improve their ability to communicate with one or more personality styles. Follow this link to discover these documents.  

Our Executive Team

Lewis Senior

Chief Executive Officer / Senior Executive Coach

Lewis is the co-founder and co-CEO of Equilibria. He is a highly sought-after Senior Executive Performance Coach with a passion for people. He is committed to helping people understand themselves and those around them better, so they can live and lead with conscious intent.

Prior to starting Equilibria in 2004, Lewis was the Global Head of HSE for Transocean, where he was responsible for the lives of over 18,000 people working in hazardous environments. He managed to cultivate positive cultural change within the organization.

In 2013, he started volunteering his time to coach principals, teachers and students in Independent Schools in Houston Texas. In 2015, he launched a non-profit organization called the E-Colors in Education to help improve the lives of students and teachers. The results have been remarkable with schools who have embraced The E-Colors and Personal Intervention coaching tools seeing improved graduation rates and reduced incidents of bullying.

Paul Grant

Executive Director

Paul is the co-founder and co-CEO of Equilibria. His primary focus is business and finance administration.

Paul worked in the oil and gas industry for over a decade. His last position before Equilibria was as the VP of Human Resources, Transocean. Before that, he worked for BP and Schlumberger as Rig Manager, Country Manager and Marketing Executive.

Laura Senior Garcia

Chief Operating Officer / Senior Coach

Laura is Equilibria’s Global Operations Executive and a Senior Coach. As the Global Operations Executive Laura works closely with each customer to understand their requirements and help tailor programs to address their specific needs. She also oversees the coaching operations and is in regular contact with all of our coaches, ensuring that they are qualified and competent in delivering our programs. As a Senior Coach, her focus is largely facilitation of large events and leadership coaching.

Dan Baxter

Chief Customer Officer


Chief Customer Officer (CCO), a position embodying our commitment to the success of our customers. Dan’s focus is to unify all initiatives, services, and strategy to deliver sustainable value creation for our customers and business partners. He works with customers and partners across all the industries we serve.  His decades of experience, cross-functional business expertise, and knowledge in leading high-performance teams helps drive service and product innovation in our existing and emerging verticals.

Dan has had an illustrious career, first serving as a Naval officer and aviator of 24 years, where he led many great women and men in the most arduous of conditions throughout the world. Subsequently, he has worked around the world in diverse markets and industries as an Organizational Performance and Leadership expert.

Dan’s belief in our company vision of Realizing Potential, and our core value of People FIRST perfectly aligns with his strong ethic to be personally and professionally valuable to others. His humble and down to earth character, along with his love of competition helps us reach our customers and raise their level of discipline and innovation to compete and WIN.

Dan, based in Houston, is a dedicated husband to Jen for over 25 years, and a loving father to three amazing young adults, Hunter and Holden and his daughter Hannah. He is passionate about helping others and looks forward to meeting with our current and developing network!




Business Associates

Georges Landes

Sales Director Europe, Africa & Senior Coach

Georges, as an independant executive coach has been designing and implementing group and individual coaching interventions for senior executives for more than 10 years. His recent facilitating focus on change management (team and organizational dynamics, coaching effectiveness, collective energy of teams.

As a coach, he facilitates individual change procesess with managers who face challenges in interpersonal skills, conflict resolution, decision-making, emotional intelligence.

Georges leverages his experience from his own pilot’s history and aeronautical culture, from which his favourite quote comes from Antoine de St Exupéry: “Il nous faut dans la nuit lancer des passerelles. Starting in the army, his professional journey varied from business flight pilot, Import-Export Operations Director, to Sales Director selling supply chain solutions. He is a certified Team Booster for Airbus Leadership University and Leadership Programme Director at Cedep.

He believes the new generation of digital business leaders needs to know how to build highly diverse, cross-functional teams in which cultural, intellectual and functional diversity liberate a range of skills to stimulate creativity, giving team members a real sense of ownership and responsibility, hence, it triggered a personal search for alternative coaching approaches that support the development of such executives and organizations. From E-Colors, to 8 Essentials and AERO, he believes Equilibria has the right tools to help organization elevating performance by activating their individuals, teams’full potential.

David Senior

Regional OPS Manager & Coach

David is an experienced facilitator, consultant and coach specializing in helping organisations all over the world to reduce errors, improve communication, minimize risk and enhance overall human performance through the understanding and application of Advanced Error Reduction in Organization technologies.

He has always had a passion for understanding human behavior. From a very young age he has always worked on figuring out why people do what they do and what motivates each person to perform. This inherent curiosity is reflected in his ability to build relationships with customers and truly understand their needs and specific requirements.

The majority of David’s role as the Equilibria AERO manager is to oversee the development and reach of this cutting edge technology. Customers around the globe seek David out as an account manager due to commitment to developing strong partnerships and his collaborative approach.

He is a great listener which is reflected in the results he is able to achieve in the different facets of his role.

Rob Fisher

FIT President. AERO Co-Founder

Rob has extensive experience in Human and Organizational Performance; incident analyses; designing performance improvement systems; personality diversity; effective procedures; and educating all levels of organizations.

As a previous field and managing owner of these areas, he brings an integration mentality to consulting, along with a globally recognized capability to make the science practically applicable. He has been involved in developing multiple industry international standards for human and organizational performance, incident analysis, and procedures.

Rob is a sought-after executive mentor, coach, and trainer, and is routinely invited to speak both locally and internationally.

Rob is a pioneer in Human and Organizational Performance and all aspects of performance improvement including incorporating the understanding of personality diversity into risk management.

He brings an integration mentality to consulting, along with a globally recognized capability to make the science of errors practically applicable. He has been involved in developing multiple industry international standards for human and organizational performance, incident analysis, and procedures.

Rob is a sought-after executive mentor, coach, and trainer, and is routinely invited to speak both locally and internationally.


Industry Specialists

Lynn Kachmarik

President, Equilibria in Sports & Education

Lynn is the founder and CEO of TRUE BRAND SPORTS LLC, which provides workshops around the world to improve the sport culture at the youth, high school, and collegiate level. Lynn is also the Vice President of Equilibria In Sports.

Our purpose at Equilibria Sports is to elevate personal, professional and organizational performance through understanding, embracing and leveraging diversity of thought and behavior.

Lynn has developed workshops on exceptional leadership, teamwork, and other topics that resonate with coaches, parents, teachers, students, student-athletes, and corporate executives. Lynn has served as a keynote speaker and presenter at state, national, and international conferences on the need for character-based leadership from administrators, coaches, teachers, parents, and student-athletes. Lynn was recently appointed to the Board of Directors of the International Association of Athletic Administrators and Coaches (IAAAC).

Lynn has 45 years of experience at all sport levels. Lynn was an All-American water polo player and swimmer at Slippery Rock University where she earned her BS and MS Degrees in Physiology and Education. She was a 10-year member of the United States National Water Polo team, and then served on their Executive Committee. Throughout an 18-year career at Bucknell University, Lynn held various coaching positions, including serving two decades as the head coach for the Men’s and Women’s Water Polo and Swim teams. Lynn served as the Athletic Director at Saint Mary’s College for 10 years, and moved on to become the Vice-President and General Manager of the South Bend Silver Hawks Minor League Baseball Team.

She has also served as the National Outreach Director for Play Like a Champion Today. Under her guidance, the program was transformed from a small organization focused on Catholic youth coaches and parents into one of the top educational programs serving public and private elementary and high schools around the world.

Lynn has been inducted into 6 Athletic Halls of Fame, including the United States Water Polo Hall of Fame, Bucknell University Athletic Hall of Fame, and the Collegiate Water Polo Coach Hall of Fame. She resides in Mishawaka, IN where she and her husband Scott are the proud parents of 3 college-aged children.


Our Coaches

We have a team of more than 80 personality diversity specialists spanning six continents. They travel the world serving clients while remaining connected through a common goal to help others elevate their performance and realize their potential.

Each of them possesses the talent and ability to facilitate, consult, coach and mentor for optimal results. They embody the Equilibria principle of People First.

If you would like to engage our services, please Contact Us and we will put you in touch with the specialist closest to your location.


Labor Condition Application (LCA)

Equilibria's coaches possess the necessary work permits required to execute our professional coaching services on an international basis. For more information about operating in your jurisdiction, please Contact Us.