Equilibria in Sports mission is to further the success of individual athletes, and all the members of a team.  We achieve this by utilizing our knowledge of human behaviors to help people of all ages engaged sports to make better decisions, which in turn lead to better results - on & off the field.

Equilibria in Sports arose from the extensive research conducted by our parent company into the field of "Personality Diversity".  Like Equilibria Services Pte. Ltd., all our products are based on effective, yet easy to use techniques which harness positive behaviors while giving people the abilities to manage the aspects of their personality which hold them back.

Everyone begins their journey by discovering their personality via the Personality Diversity Indicator.  Once the fundamentals are in place, our proprietary solutions, such as Personal Intervention and the 8 Essentials of High Performance Teams. are implemented. 

Regardless of the sport, or level of competitiveness, Equilibria in Sports will also enhance your organization's culture by strengthening team dynamics.  Key benefits include:

  • heighten self-awareness
  • prevent mistakes resulting from mis-communications
  • promote leadership skills
  • improve teamwork

Our core value is PEOPLE FIRST.  We act out of a genuine desire to help athletes, coaches, teams, and sports organizations realize their full potential.

As part of our services, measurable diagnostic tools are incorporated into a series of focused workshops.  These sessions introduce our coaching program, and then allow our Coaches to assist with the implementation of practical, and sustainable applications that impact the team's performance, while achieving their specific goals and objectives.

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Don't take our word for it.  Watch this video of Larry Centers, a NFL Super Bowl Champion, explain the benefits of Equilibria in Sports.

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What others say

Our Bethel College Mens' Soccer Team just completed a powerful Equilibria in Sports session.  This has been a transformational experience for our team.  It is helping us take practical steps towards maintaining a championship culture.

Thaigo Pinto, Head Coach, Bethel Collage.

Having an effective team culture is an important part of success.  Equilibria in Sports is a great tool that will enhance your team culture.  It helps athletes and coaches will understand more about themselves and each other. I highly recommend every coach take their team through their processes.

Dr. Greg Dale, Director of Sports Psychology, Duke University

If there is one thing I have learned through Equilibria in Sports, it is the importance of emotional intelligence.  Even if you have the intellectual capability to make the right decisions, your innate personality can limit your potential.  Now I know how to press "PAUSE" to manage my "Yellow-Red" desire to socialize and to react too fast.

Larry Centers, 14 year NFL alumnus and Super Bowl Champion

How We Engage With You

The Intentional Safety Leadership Engagement session is an eight-hour experiential learning workshop. Participants acquire a deep understanding of personality diversity and engage in an interactive discussion to develop practical applications of this knowledge. Focus is placed on addressing specific business challenges, elevating performance and driving business results.

Leaders will leave this workshop with a heightened awareness of self and team, and be able to drive better outcomes through knowledge of The E-Colors and application of Personal Intervention techniques.

FRS is a customizable performance enhancement process aimed at inculcating proficiency of our core tools such as the E-Colors and Personal Intervention within the organization.

We have found the following three phrases to be critical for organizations to achieve their desired results:


Our coaches first lead workshops and engagements with senior leaders and managers, then with the rest of the workforce to ensure a deep understanding of the tools, mental models and practices introduced. Follow-up coaching with senior leaders and managers is recommended to accelerate change in performance.


Once everyone in the organization has attained high levels of fluency, leaders and teams can begin to realize the potential of applying the tools to overcome organizational challenges, achieve strategic objectives and drive specific business results. Equilibria consultants and coaches work closely with leaders and managers to develop customized performance enhancement processes.


When the organization starts to see the results they desire, we focus on achieving sustainability. This is done through the creation of a Champions Network whereby a number of individuals are identified to form a team to steward the process. These individuals attend a five-day Coach The Trainer workshop to become proficient in the tools and are supported on an ongoing basis by Equilibria coaches.


The FRS Model

8E is a performance enhancement process for leaders and teams to understand the essential elements of effective teamwork and leadership through a series of coaching sessions.

Through a series of eight one-day coaching workshops, we help you understand and leverage personality diversity to enhance leadership skills, elevate team performance and deliver measurable business results in a sustainable manner.

The 8E program enables you to get the right results the right way through:

  1. Self & Team Awareness
  2. Shared Vision & Values
  3. Clarity of Roles & Processes
  4. Trust
  5. Diversity & Inclusion
  6. Commitment
  7. Accountability
  8. Learning & Continuous Improvement


The 8 Essentials Model


ILEC is a performance enhancement program for leaders who want to become experts at team and individual engagement.

A senior or executive coach from Equilibria works with a leader or small team of leaders to provide engagement coaching on the job or in the field.

At the end of this program, leaders will understand how to leverage personality diversity to engage with people at all levels of the organization, as well as with stakeholders, internal and external partners.

ILEC equips leaders with practical tools to improve engagement at all levels, including but not limited to the following:

  1. Director/Shareholder engagement
  2. Leadership peer group engagement
  3. Partner organization engagement
  4. External client engagement
  5. Internal client engagement
  6. Employee engagement


Intentional Leadership Engagement Model

Customized Solutions

Can’t find a solution to suit your need? Let us tailor one for you. Applying our proprietary tools, we provide customized consulting and coaching services to address specific challenges and drive real results.

Please contact us for more information or for a consulation.