What is Equilibria's Affiliate Network?

By definition, an "Affiliate Network" is a business agreement where one company sells the products and services of another company in exchange for a fee.  Equilibria have developed an Affiliate Networking opportunity where authorized resellers, including E-Colors Certified Practitioners™, can promote E-Colors coaching services, along with a wide range of supporting materials.

Continue reading to learn more about our Affiliate program, or follow this link if you are interested in becoming an E-Colors Certified Practitioner™ .

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Products & Services

The following training courses and digital and physical materials can be promoted by an affiliate.  Each time a sale takes place, the affiliate will be paid a commission. Follow this link for a complete list of the products & services which an affiliate can promote.

Additional information about the Affilaite Network program can be found this FAQ page.



Why Join Equilibria's Affiliate Network?

  • Work with a modern and flexible company who will support your marketing initiatives.
  • Equilibria cares about your success - we will support you in every way possible.
  • Our products are easy to use, very practical and very effective.
  • Your commissions are presented on a dedicated and user friendly webpage.
  • There is no risk or fees to become an Affiliate.
  • Promotions can be done on your website, blog or social media channels.
  • Implementation is a simple adding a link to our site with your affiliate code.
  • Equilibria will help with the promotion of new and existing products & services
Equilibria Affiliates

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Who Can Become an Affiliate? 

Once approved as Equilibria Affiliate, you can generate a new revenue stream by promoting our products and services.  This can be done on a passive basis by simply adding a link to our website, or a more active approach can be taken by becoming an E-Colors Certified Practitioner™. Here are examples of the persons who may wish to become affiliates.



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Equilibria look forward to bringing you onboard by demonstrating the power of
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