A story about E-Colors

At Equilibria, we believe in realizing the potential in every individual and organization. We achieve this through harnessing the understanding of both personality and character to enhance communication, and elevate performance and effectiveness.


A Small But Important Part of Who We Are

Our approach recognizes that for the most, people understand others based on their personality alone – which only forms a small part of who they are. For this reason, most of us only have a partial picture of  who others are, and therefore often miss the larger story. Scroll down to discover how understanding these  differences can improve communication and effectiveness.

Your Personality

Our personality determines our communication style, our behavioral tendencies and the way we react instinctively, especially under pressure.

Their Personality

By understanding the personalities of others, we can better understand their communication styles and behavioral tendencies, and learn how to better interact more effectively.


Understand Yourself, Understand Others Through E-Colors

How do we understand every individual when each is so different? We simplify this process of understanding self and others by developing the Personality Diversity Indicator (PDI), validated by more than half a million people.

Our Methodology

The four E-Color personality quadrants were identified by reviewing research from several personality assessment tools and academic studies around psychology and neuroscience.

Then, using our research findings and a proprietary algorithm developed by our technical team, we developed the Personality Diversity Indicator (PDI) questionnaire to enable users to visualize their E-Color combination through a pie chart.

Since 2004, we have had in excess of 500,000 unique individuals answer the PDI questionnaire through our coaching workshops, online questionnaire and mobile app. Our E-Colors PDI mobile app, which was developed for both iOS and Android, has since received over 80,000 downloads.

For over a decade, we surveyed people around the globe of their preferences and tendencies with regard to a whole array of topics such as safety, communication, leadership and teamwork. Then, we analyzed this empirical data to identify patterns associated with different personality styles and publish this information in our coaching materials.

It is this robust validation and application process that sets the PDI apart from other personality assessment tools, allowing it to be more effective, practical and accurate.

The E-Colors is a tool that heightens self-awareness.

The Four Main E-Colors

This simple yet highly effective tool heightens our awareness to different personality styles, communication styles and behavioral tendencies.

We employ four primary colors to represent each of the four main personality quadrants. The E-Colors comprise:

Red - Doer

The part of your personality that helps you take action and get things done.

Yellow - Socializer

The part of your personality that helps you interact and engage with others.

Blue - Relater

The part of your personality that helps you empathize with and support others.

Green - Thinker

The part of your personality that helps you plan and analyze information.

12 Different Personality Styles

Which Are You?

The E-Colors helps us improve our own self-awareness. E-Colors theory suggests that we have all four E-Colors within us. That’s why understanding the varying degrees of each E-Color in us is tremendously useful.

Your primary and secondary E-Colors identify your personality style. No one E-Color combination is better than another, it’s just different. E-Colors perspectives give us an opportunity to benefit from diversity of thought. It’s easy to find out your own E-Colors. Take the simple 15-minute questionnaire now.

At Equilibria, we believe in understanding, embracing and leveraging the diversity of thought and behavior in a team.


The Larger Part of Who We Are

So what forms the rest of us? It is our character. Explore what our character embodies here.

Our ethics and morals

Our background and beliefs

Our commitments and values

Our life experiences, education and training

Our self-awareness and ability to manage our personality

Applying What We Know

Our personality and character affect our behavior.
E-Colors helps us move from reaction to response by simply employing our own personal intervention.

Personal Intervention

A natural progression from learning our E-Colors is another of our proprietary coaching tools – Personal Intervention. Personal Intervention is a tool that promotes intentional self-management based on the understanding that a measured response is likely to get you a better result than a knee-jerk reaction.


Many of us go through life in “reaction” mode based on instinctive communication style and behavioral tendencies. This is our knee-jerk reaction driven by our personalities.


A character-driven response is one that is intentional in thought.

Pause And Play

Moving From Reaction to Response

Once people have a heightened sense of personal and team awareness through the E-Colors and are able to differentiate between their personality-based reactions and character-driven responses, they can then use the concepts of PAUSE and PLAY to move from reaction to response mode and start to make conscious choices leading to intentional outcomes.

Achieving Results

At the end of the day, what you will get is empowerment and effectiveness on a personal, professional and organizational level.

Personal Results

  • Heightened self-awareness
  • Heightened awareness of others
  • Ability to utilize knowledge of E-Colors to make more conscious choices through Personal Intervention
  • Become a better communicator
  • Understand and build on your strengths
  • Understand and manage your potential limiters
  • Strengthen relationships within family, friends and community
  • Recognizing and changing limiting beliefs
  • Applying practical coaching tools to elevate personal performance

Professional Results

  • Heightened team awareness
  • Conscious self-management through Personal Intervention
  • Improved understanding of personal leadership style
  • Improved understanding of personal communication style
  • Improved ability to communicate, influence and engage with leaders, managers, peers and subordinates
  • Improved ability to understand and manage personal stress levels
  • Ability to better articulate your professional value proposition
  • Applying practical coaching tools to elevate professional performance

Organizational Effectiveness

Eventually, if everyone adopts this awareness of self and others, it can bring about tremendous organizational effectiveness.

  • Improved communication and team cohesion
  • Reduced misunderstandings and team conflict
  • Intentional Leadership at all levels
  • Increased engagement from leaders
  • Higher job satisfaction and employee retention
  • Elevated commitment, accountability and trust
  • Collaborative business partnerships
  • Diversity and Inclusion enabler
  • Ability to understand, embrace and leverage personality diversity to elevate organizational performance
  • Improved safety, reliability and efficiency through error reduction

What's Next?

These are not just theories. It can be a reality for you in your situation.

Discover how E-Colors transformed the culture of safety on a Nigerian oil rig and reduced fatalities to zero.

How It All Began

In 2004, on an oil rig off the coast of Nigeria, Equilibria made an amazing discovery. No, we did not discover oil. Our client had already done that. We discovered the remarkable predictability that personality diversity has on human behavior.

We were onboard this rig to try and understand and fix a poor safety culture that had recently experienced a number of incidents, one of them resulting in four fatalities.

The rig had a predominately expatriate leadership team and a predominately Nigerian crew and as you can imagine, morale was at an all-time low. Teamwork, communication, leadership, trust and of course safety standards were lacking.

Our job was to fix things and so we asked all of the leadership team and crew to take the PDI questionnaire to discover their E-Colors. We then started to ask each individual to write down the answers to questions such as “How do you like to be communicated to?” and “How do you like to be recognized for doing a good job?”

The answers were remarkable. We started to see patterns on how different groups of people answered these questions but not based on race, culture, gender or rank but based on their personality style.


Our Light Bulb Moment

During one of these coaching workshops, one of the rig workers raised his hand and asked why we hadn't asked the obvious question of “How can you get hurt?” seeing as we were there to improve safety performance. He had a point and we sat the team back down and asked them to answer the question.

Again, we saw patterns in the way each personality style answered the question and when we compared the answers we got from this field survey with root cause analysis reports where we knew the E-Colors of the people involved in an incident. We discovered a direct correlation between how people were telling us they could get hurt and how they were actually getting hurt.


If You Can Predict It, You Can Manage It

This discovery forms the foundation of our approach.

With heightened awareness through Equilibria coaching, the rig went from being one of the worst in the fleet to one of the safest within one year and developed a sustainable safety leadership culture that remains in place to this day.

Since then, we have run dozens more surveys involving hundreds of thousands of people asking questions to other practical life and business applications. We now know the powerful impact personality diversity has on the world.

This is why we consider ourselves Personality Diversity Experts.